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my dog will walk with my husband but not me

If my husband tries to walk him alone he refuses to go but will go with him if I go. As you will see on our website, we are getting a lot of publicity and it's continually growing! During our obedience training lessons in Northern Virginia, we tell people on a daily basis, “You and your spouse should both be practicing this training at the house.”  What we see all of the time is if there is just ONE person that trains the dog, over the course a few weeks the dog will listen to that person flawlessly, and not so much the other person. Although it stings a little, the reasons your dog bonded with someone else likely have nothing to do with you. I raised my dog from a puppy. ... She bonded with me so much that she will not let my old dog in the house. My husband looked me in the eye and said, “She’s ours now and we’re not giving up on her. If you notice a lack of energy for the walk or during the walk or even in day-to-day activities, it is definitely time to see a vet. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. My name is Nick White, I am the owner of Off-Leash K9 Training. Also, he feels heavier. My husband and I have been married two years. So this might be a difficult question to answer but I was wondering if someone could give me some ideas of why my dog will only walk with me and no one else. Treats. And that doesn’t mean just going out into the yard. Walked at night until the weather got better, and now walking in my neighborhood is pretty much impossible due to dogs and people and triggers everywhere. There are many reasons why your dog bites you and not your husband. She is about 14lbs. Depending on how stubborn your dog … On top of walking faster than us, one should also consider the effect of unconditioned reinforcers.Also known as primary reinforcers, unconditioned reinforcers are things dogs are drawn to biologically and that do not involve learning.. Nothing works. That second shadow that’s constantly beside you isn’t a figment of your imagination — it’s probably your dog. The analogy I use on a daily basis is that it’s just like children. 4. You're not failing as a pet owner if you miss a walk — just be sure your dog is getting the attention and exercise he needs on a regular basis. We are also the official trainers for ABC's "The Pet Show with Dr. Katy Nelson." The owner knows about it and has been sympathetic. My dog is acting weird. Look for a dog park, a reputable daycare facility, or playdates with friends’ dogs. Again, it would be me who gave him the first walk of the day, even if my husband would give him a second one mid-morning, the first one was about him and me. My two year old dog suddenly would not leave my side if I am home. We recently rescued a 3yr old poodle mix female from a "puppy mill" situation. As a veterinarian, I hear from lots of people who worry that they’re not being good dog owners if they don’t do certain things or don't do them frequently enough. By separating playtime and walk-time, he can get the most out of both. My teenage daughter or my husband takes her for a jog in the early morning, I walk her in the evening, she got about 4 miles a day. Not interested in going for a walk. 3. Oh, and there’s storm phobia also. He had his little mixed dog before. My Dog Listens To My Husband But Does Not Listen To Me September 12, 2013 Dog Behavioral Issues dog training , northern virginia Off Leash K9 Training Every single day at our dog training facility in Northern Virginia we hear people say, “My dog listens to my husband (or wife), but he doesn’t listen to me.” Thank you for your interest in our amazing training. So now we’ve covered the possible causes, let’s get down to finding a solution to when your dog suddenly refuses to walk. We would make a point of me walking out of the door just a little before him, to show him I had preference. We knew she was very timid, and especially around males. My current dog is a bit like this, but will walk with other people, but looks sadly over her shoulder at me as she walks away. There are over 400 videos of dogs we have trained on YouTube so you can see the amazing results we get verse us just tell you about it, so we would highly encourage you to check out our Youtube Channel and was some of the stuff we do! See them in our highlight video here: She takes a … She only gets along with one of the cats and wants to chase the bird. He can't even get near her. Work on discipline Second, work on discipline by teaching him simple tricks, particularly sit and stay, using positive reinforcement. If DH and I walk her together I have to hold the lead or she just tries to walk alongside me anyway. I tried to coax with treats but she growled at me, although she didn't snap at me. It's been 1 day a week for the past 2 weeks. This is because the dog sees that just one person if correcting them, enforcing the commands, doing all the pack leadership things that are built into the training, etc. View all posts by Off Leash K9 Training →. So, what we immediately begin doing is asking them questions to see “why” the dynamic of your relationship is the way it is. I have nicely asked the owner not walk his dog in my yard and he called me all sorts of names and still intentionally walks into my yard to pee on my plants and trees. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. My husband says he doesn’t mean it.He’s just scared. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Even if your dog is not limping, an underlying condition may be robbing your dog of energy such as a thyroid condition, anemia, a heart condition, or diabetes. He's got you under his paw. If this is so it is because you … The dog does not mind and my husband lets him get away with everything.Thisis the frst dog in my entire life that has ever bitten me, ten times! 5. Walking time. You can see all of these articles if you go to our "About Us" page of website and scroll to the bottom. I am his main caregiver but I have other dogs that are fine going with someone else. Ask yourself who is the strongest member of your pack at your house; meaning, which one of you are the strictest on the dog, makes him have the best manners (make him wait before he eats, make him wait at the door, doesn’t let him drag them around on the leash, etc). My Dog Suddenly Refuses To Walk – Solving The Problem. Recently, we were named one of the top trainers in the world by the Dogington Post! Taking your dog for a walk or playing ball at the park is an excellent way to make sure your pooch has the right amount of exercise he needs, and it will only help strengthen your bond. As anyone with a furry friend will already know, dogs are often inclined to follow their owners everywhere they go and to watch their every move, but there’s actually more to this behavior than meets the … Yes, walk your pets, but, if you’re in household isolation, do go outside but try to avoid other people.’ If you are experiencing symptoms and live alone, you should self-isolate for seven days. He needs to learn that your husband is in control of him as well as you, you need to let them work that out without … Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. She would not walk with my daughter or my husband. The problem I'm having is that last week one of the dogs refused to let me leash her and refused to get off the couch so we could all go on a walk. I trained him beautifully, behaviorally, house training, tricks and playing fetch and games, walking on the leash, not jumping on me… Original question: Why does my dog always want to walk in front of me instead of next to me? After all, your dog wants to be with you, not … Generally, this dynamic among owners and the dog has a lot to do with pack leadership. Another reason why your dog decides to stop walking is that it is tired. I am a former US Marine Iraq War Veteran, and former US Secret Service, also, I currently have 12 locations in the United States. When inside (if my husband isn’t in the room) she lays beside me and sleeps, then when I say it’s time for bed, she gets up and goes to her crate and sleeps the entire night like an angel. Teaching your dog to walk politely on leash takes practice, but a little effort goes a long way. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. A dog lover almost always has a friend ready to go for a walk to jump-start the day or wind down after work. He walks a few steps then sits down, and he's not as enthusiastic and responsive as usual. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. My Newfoundland puppy bear loves going for walks if my partner and I both walk her, but if I try to walk her alone she won't come. We specialize in basic obedience, advanced obedience, personal protection, and drug detection. Have you husband walk him without you there. Welcome to the world of how your dog thinks and acts, as well. 6 Reasons Your Dog Refuses to Walk—And How to Help. ... if I put a harness on him ,but now he will let me walk him anywhere. she’s an older dog now but when anyone else in my family try’s to walk her she will not go. He’s a sweetheart to me, not one bit of aggression, but he anxious if I’m gone for more than a couple of hours, and I am losing my mind being stuck here. Every single day at our dog training facility in Northern Virginia we hear people say, “My dog listens to my husband (or wife), but he doesn’t listen to me.”. Sometimes, it’s because the puppy is too young to understand that he’s hurting you; and other times, there are psychological factors. Dogs need to get outside. I'm doing dog walking for 3 dogs, twice a day. While pulling during leash walks is a more typical challenge, there are some dogs that have the opposite problem; instead of pulling they slam on the brakes and refuse to move. So, if you find that your significant other has more control and respect out of your dog, start working with them on obedience training and pack leadership, and you should soon see a shift in the dynamic of your relationship. You can try to see if your pet bites you … Here we go… Treat Training. If your dog is attached to someone else, you may feel a bit hurt and wonder why. These small yet simple things generally have a lot do  with how your dog sees you in the pack structure. Most complaints about leash walking challenges have to do with dogs that act like Iditarod competitors. This young man who lives behind me on another street walks his dog (on leash) around the block which includes my street. As you will see, our client list includes: NBA Star John Wall, UFC World Champion Jon "Bones" Jones, World Champion Boxer Roy Jones Jr, UFC Announcer Bruce Buffer, film star Ron Jeremy, 3x UFC Champion Rich "Ace" Franklin, WWF World Champion Iron Sheik, Kane Hodder ("Jason" from the Friday the 13th movies), the staff from the hit show "Operation Repo," and Elliot's dog from Elliot in the Morning on DC 101! I've tried being excitable to encourage her, I've tried using food and I've even tried running with her as she loves to chase things. The little guy just decides he’d … This is a common puppy problem. Increasing novelty for your dog will help reduce her fear. “Generally” we hear females saying “He listens to my husband better than he does me” much more than we hear males say this. Other than hiring a professional, we are at wits end. Once you’re both comfortable on the walk, work together to expose her to new situations, people, and dogs. We also had yahoo do a special on us, as well! (female Pomeranian) - Answered by a verified Dog Trainer. This can lead to your pup not getting the exercise he needs, which at the same time means you aren't getting yours either. I saw this question and figured that many people would answer ‘the dog thinks it’s dominant/alpha.’ Naw. My dog will not let anyone but me walk her on her leash. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Take bits of string cheese or hot dog and throw it over your dog's head as you are walking and encourage him to run forward to gather the bits of food ahead of you as you walk …

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