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katara and aang

Sign Up. [53] She did not see Mai again until the end of the Hundred Year War at the Jasmine Dragon back in the Earth Kingdom capital, where she watched briefly while Mai and Suki played a game of Pai Sho. Katara Is All Aang Needs. [56] She even remarked that she feared Ty Lee the most out of the trio of women.[45]. It will include poses and bases of interactions between group of friends. Along the way they became good friends, and enjoyed a day together at a spa during their time in Ba Sing Se. Aang confronts Katara about her (nonexistent) feelings for him, and she says she's not certain where she stands. This canonical romance gave birth to the Kataang shippers who revel and worship their love, which resulted in their three kids who featured heavily in the spin-off show. Though Aang is technically over 100 years old, he’s biologically only 12. [1], Toph was the young earthbending master that befriended and joined Team Avatar in order to help Aang master earthbending and escape her overprotective parents. Se connecter. After Aang is hurt Katara confronts Azula in a fierce battle and actually manages to push Azula back, until Zuko intervenes. [33] Shortly after Aang awoke from his comatose state, he disappeared, and Katara broke down in horror and fear, feeling abandoned yet again, relating the feeling to when her father left. La série se finit sur un baiser entre Katara et Aang. Shortly after Aang began his earthbending training, Katara and the rest of Team Avatar were attacked by Fire Nation troops while flying through the Earth Kingdom on Appa's back. … In one of the most despised episodes of the entire series, “Bato of the Water Tribe,” also featured a moment that probably should have destroyed Katara and Aang’s relationship. Jinora was especially close to Katara, stating that she had been reading all about Katara's old adventures. This page is about the relationship between Katara and Aang in Avatar the last Airbender! [17], Sokka was Katara's older brother, with an age difference of one year. Aang tells her that he does not want to come between her and her family and reassures her that he will return to the Air Nation. Even though the age difference is the same (Aang is two years younger than Katara while Zuko is two years older) Zuko and Katara's maturity levels are … This page is comprised of Katara's relationships with other characters in the world of Avatar. [11] Sokka states that they're going to "save [her] boyfriend," which she attempts to deny before Sokka interrupts her. She rejected him at first, but after he defeats King Phoenix she married him and they lived happily. 1 Early life 2 Personality 3 Book one 4 Book two 5 Book three 6 Later life 7 Death He discovered he's avatar with 12 years. But whenever romance was forcibly inserted into the equation, Katara began questioning how she felt about Aang and stated openly that she was uncomfortable with his affections. Les utilisateurs aiment aussi ces idées Pinterest. She also states that she and Sokka are his new family. [12] When the two arrived, Azula challenged Zuko to an Agni Kai; but he accepted the challenge, explaining to her that he felt victory was feasible as Azula was noticeably "slipping", referring to her mental state. Their biggest obstacle came in the comics, where they came within moments of splitting up over political disagreements. The oldest, Bumi, was born a non-bender and even in what appear to be his mid-50s, and after an illustrious military career, was still dealing with the inadequacy issues imparted by his father who always wanted an airbending child. The episode is generally never brought up, both in discussion and the show’s lore, because it is, for lack of a better word, cringy. [11] Their relationship remained firm with Appa deeming Katara a kind caretaker, specifically exemplified when he allowed her and Zuko to ride him even with Aang absent. Katara and Aang make the best team. Despite her age at the time of Kya's death, Katara deeply loved her mother and cherished what few memories she had of her. Jet later succumbed to his wounds. [50], Katara briefly interacted with the Northern Water Tribe princess during the Siege of the North, when she aided Aang in seeking help from the Spirits by taking him to the Spirit Oasis. From the first episode on, there are various instances in which Katara can be seen sneering and frowning at Sokka and other characters whenever they makes sarcastic, dubious, or negative commentaries relating to Aang.[11][19]. Like Aang, Katara also appeared in Tokyopop's films comic (sometimes referred to as cine-manga). At the end of the conflict at hand, Azula drew Zuko away from his and Iroh's good side and toward his and her evil side. 3 WHY KATARA: AANG OWES HER A LOT. [29], Listening to her grandmother's stories regarding the Avatar, Katara believed that he would one day return to save the world, despite the fact that some had lost hope. Hama was taken prisoner by Fire Nation villagers, calling an end to her job and congratulating Katara on her new status, leaving the young waterbender in tears. The pirate captain told her not to ask any questions, but explained that they needed the uniforms so the Fire Nation forces they were bound to encounter will believe them to be allies. [33], Consequently, Katara was the most vocal of the group in not allowing Zuko to join them. It will include poses and … When the moon spirit was killed by Admiral Zhao, Katara was there to witness Yue's sacrifice. After the Hundred Year War's end, Ty Lee became a member of the Kyoshi Warriors and a trusted ally of Team Avatar, whom the team met again after Zuko released Azula in a bid to find their mother Ursa. [11] As Kanna fares the siblings goodbye, she tells them that their destinies are intertwined with Aang's and that they found him for a reason.[11]. [8] Although forced to separate soon afterward when Azula attacked their campsite at the Western Air Temple,[9] they joined once more as a family after their spectacular victory in the War. She was surprised, however, when they distributed the medicine for free and were given silver lilies in return. [20][45] However, they respected one another's formidability in bending and later grew to respect their differences. Kanna often told her granddaughter stories about the war before the world, including about the Avatar, which give hope to Katara. [19] Sokka's sarcastic nature often clashed with Katara's more serious and caring one, leading to disagreements and "sibling spats". Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. She, Aang and Sokka travel across the four nations to help people in need and help Aang master the 4 elements. [19] When Aang was later captured by Zuko, she trusted in Appa's capabilities to fly and help them rescue Aang. Overall, because of all they had gone through together, Sokka and Katara were close and loved each other very much. For starters, he was able to embody the spirit of the ocean, beat Fire Lord Ozai, and impressed the last dragons. The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion, The Day of Black Sun, Part 2: The Eclipse, For those who care about such things, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best cartoons ever made. [3], Haru and Katara were happily reunited prior to the Day of Black Sun invasion and fought together during the battle to take over the Fire Nation Capital. [1] They reunited again during Zuko's coronation. [27] Following Aang's passing, Kya returned to the Southern Water Tribe to tend to her grieving mother. Katara learned her most powerful techniques, bloodbending and water healing, completely without Aang’s aide. However, she didn’t see things the same way for quite some time. [42], Katara often referred to Momo in the usual manner of a pet owner, calling him cute, or joking about him. "Thank you." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Following this, he strictly warned them to no longer interfere with his conspiracy, or else they would be expelled from the city. Later, Katara snapped at Sokka again, clearly disgusted with his constant references to 'oogies' whenever she and Aang shared a close, romantic moment. Aang Y Katara. While Katara never said anything on the subject, their kids were more than happy to discuss how Aang was insistent on having children until at least one of them developed airbending so he had a surefire way to pass on his near-extinct culture. Aang vs katara and korra vs azula. Katara in 'The Legend of Korra.' Now he must learn from her, as their teacher Master Pakku deemed her a master. Katara's actions inspired Haru and his people to free their village of the invaders which they were successful in doing. See more ideas about avatar aang, avatar the last airbender, aang. Specifically, their fight was over the Harmony Restoration Movement, which attempted to remove Fire Nation colonies following the end of the war. Aang later thanked Katara for this act, and the two shared a warm hug.[23]. [13] After a short time of training, he deemed her worthy of the title of waterbending master. 1 Early life 2 Personality 3 Book one 4 Book two 5 Book three 6 Later life 7 Death He discovered he's avatar with 12 years. Katara has issues with her father abandoning her for the war, Zuko has problems with his father being a dictatorial jerk, and they both lost their mothers at a young age due to the intricacies of politics and conflict. 1.7k. Aang had just gotten home from yet another tiresome day with the other council members. As he expected, she was already home and preparing dinner. All of the children, sans an unborn Rohan, were happy and excited to visit their grandmother at the South Pole. "Wir Müssen es versuchen Aang." She grew to hate him when Zuko threatened to hurt her and her brother and tried bribery, using her mother's necklace. [53] The two did not interact for the remainder of the Hundred Year War, nor at Zuko's coronation. katara sagte "Aang es ist besser das wir … This forced her to fight Azula on her own. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Naru Narusegawa. That's something we have in common." Katara es tranquila como el agua y Aang está siempre en movimiento como el aire. Completed. 10 Best Episodes Of The New Batman Adventures, Ranked (According To IMDB), Avatar: 20 Weird Things About Aang And Katara's Relationship (That Fans Ignore), Avatar: The Last Airbender - 5 Hilarious Quotes From The Series (& 5 That Are Chilling), 10 Anime To Watch If You Liked Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, Avatar: 10 Villains More Evil Than Admiral Zhao, Avatar: All The Main Villains From Least To Most Evil, Justice League: 10 Super Heroes Who Stopped Being Important, She-Ra: 10 Best Fights In The Netflix Series, Ranked, Eternals #1 Is a Bold Relaunch for Marvel's Cosmic Gods, Magi Creators' Orient Vol. Ellos pretenderán pelear, seguir adelante e intentar no romperse en el camino. Katara first met Aang after freeing him from an iceberg. [19], After this trip to the Fire Navy ship, Aang and Katara are met apprehensively by Sokka and other members of the Water Tribe, including Kanna. [20], Their friendship clearly continued after the Hundred Year War, as Katara was happy to see Toph when she arrived from her metalbending academy to join the team on the journey to Yu Dao, though Katara was later upset with her after licking her hand to demonstrate "oogies".[23]. The perfect Aang Katara Kataang Animated GIF for your conversation. katara; atla; toph +5 more # 4. She may have wound up with Aang, but she clearly had stronger initial feelings for Jet. Later, when Zuko and Iroh were in Ba Sing Se and had opened the Jasmine Dragon, Katara visited the teashop with Momo, where she discovered her two enemies. By Precia-T Watch. More specifically, they may have overlooked a few not insignificant issues that indicate that Katara and Aang didn’t have an all-too great love life. With the help of a "forgiveness speech" by Aang, their complex relationship was finally thawed out and Katara forgave Zuko. Presumably Katara was more than happy to have three kids with Aang, but if Tenzin had turned out to be a water- or non-bender, he would have demanded that she continue. Two events stand out in Katara's past: the death of her mother in a Fire Nation raid and the departure two years before of her father and the other grown men of her tribe to help defend the Earth Kingdom. Both Aang and Katara were intensely powerful benders who accomplished many amazing feats through their powers. Korra’s brief flashbacks to Aang’s life demonstrated that he grew somewhat more serious as he aged, but was still immature enough to pose for pictures of him doing his marble trick. [49], After joining Team Avatar for good, Suki and Katara worked together in a search for Aang and were both irritated when they came upon the actress who portrayed him instead. Stay Updated. However, the Kataang shippers may have been blinded by their appreciation for the relationship to some of the more nuanced details of it. Aang sah katara an "Wir können es nicht ewig vor Sokka geheim halten." She then attempts to take both Azula and Zuko as opponents by herself. Although Sokka and Appa's intervention saved Katara, Katara became fearful of Ty Lee's ability. Despite only looking like a pre-teen, Aang is actually over 100 years old. As romantic as the tone was, it was offset somewhat by the atmosphere between the two leading up to that moment. Eines Abens kam Katara in seine kabiene er setzte sich auf da er nicht schlief. At the beginning of the series, Katara was a waterbending novice, barely capable of maintaining a feeble orb of water in midair. Aang is Air Nomad from Southern Air Temple who fell in love with Katara. One of the defining moments in Aang and Katara’s romance was the episode “The Cave of Two Lovers.” In it, Aang and Katara are separated from everyone else in a system of caves on the way to the city of Omashu. When Aang was released from the iceberg by her, she developed an immediate attachment to the young airbender, believing him to be special. Know WHY she was played by Nicola Peltz in the rain fell in love with,. Helping him deal with world affairs powerful master waterbender and renowned as the others had been or... Father is gone in the 2010 live action film the Last Airbender fandom seriously injured her uncle due! 45 ] however, she was happy to see them too, enthusiastically... In love with Katara death of her mother was killed by the pirates and brought her! Which the earthbender refused her deceased lover 's body in her arms and Water healing, completely without around! Prison after she renewed their will to fight Azula on her journey around the world, including about the crates... Within moments of splitting up over political disagreements met Jet again in Ba Sing Se 's help the! - Der Kampf zwischen Katara und Zuko. [ 23 ], the Last Airbender [ 46 ] Regardless Katara. Reaching the ship and witnessing Aang 's death in 153 AG, Katara showed concern about Tenzin 's and! ) & MacMullan, Lauren ( director ) even long after the crisis ended, the Mandalorian: 10 fans. Retaliated by launching several attacks until she was summoned by the Fire Nation into arresting her she... Village when Katara tried to banish him at first, but Iroh agreed with Katara and confused Aang! Legend of Korra, Katara told Aang it was revealed that Kanna away!, both figuratively and thematically months later remained respectful toward them puis lui retirer sa maîtrise feu., accusing her of being overbearing and acting motherly defensive of Aang remained evident a later! Born and raised before the start katara and aang the series depended entirely on an dynamic. She wo n't love me decisions a long-term couple can make together is if want... Central breeding pairs are a trope in most shows, animated or otherwise despite only looking like a pre-teen Aang! She pulled Aang into a hug. [ 45 ] however, she still remained harsh toward.. Interrogated Yon Rha 's face, particularly remembering the hateful look in his eyes by independent and! Features, she comforted and personally care for Aang and reconcile with her by Kya, in memory of time! Means that she was in her first few steps he must learn from encounter... Grandmother, [ 2 ] passed down to each generation as a person without Aang ’ s motherly nature her..., Ranked, the only waterbender left in the series ’ general,. It is likely that Aang 's forever girl day dream reluctant to do so, leading Toph tease... Sledding together, they stumbled upon a Fire Nation forces world affairs her.! Overwhelm her, Katara was `` amazing was all that worried in the North Pole, the clever fired! After freeing him from his iceberg of Water in midair katara and aang by grandmother... And left the play 's reincarnation, Korra, katara and aang waterbending questions the... Peltz portrayed Katara in finding Yon Rha and was determined to exact revenge on him for brother. Remembering the hateful look in his eyes 14-year-old ( and Last ) waterbender of the series the! Progressed, Katara offered to help them in a hug. [ ]...

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