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thai basil chicken with vegetables

We love Thai food for it’s health benefits. You can easily modify it to make it as spicy or mild as you like. At this stage you want to continue to stir and cook your chicken until it's just about fully cooked all the way through (depending on the size pieces of chicken and how hot your fire is, it should take about 2 - 3 minutes). err.parentNode.removeChild(err) : false; Serve with rice for a delicious meal that’s bound to bring a smile to your face! } return results != undefined ? (function(el) { It has potential.. anyway we are supposed to use a tablespoon for oyster sauce and the soy sauce? Looking forward to trying to replicate. Im sure your family will enjoy this, good luck with your continued practice making Phad Kra Pow, and have a great day today! A quick and easy one skillet weeknight meal that takes less than 30 minutes to make! Some people will use fish sauce, but other don’t want the fishy fragrance in the dish, but really it’s up to you. This recipe is delicious! THANK YOU!! Fresh rolls wrapped in rice paper with prawns, Thai basil, carrot, cucumber and vegetables. } else if (input.type == 'radio' || input.type == 'checkbox') { Now I’ve made it four times at home since finding your recipe! Tonight I’ll be making it again for guests. If I hadn’t clicked the link for the light soy sauce I would of used regular soy sauce and not golden mountain seasoning and I’m glad I used the Golden mountain. I double the sauce though because it tastes so good on my rice and add some vegetables like bell pepper or onions for extra nutrition. — I love Thai curry!) in this household that seem to not like curry. Was it more of a salad, rather than a stir fried dish? form.querySelector('._form-content').style.display = 'none'; Feel free to add sliced carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, green bell pepper, or squash. Thai basil chicken, better known in Thai as pad kra pao gai (ผัดกระเพราไก่ pad ka prao gai), is a contender for the most popular, and the most beloved Thai street food dish of all time. if (!no_error && e) { Now that I’m back home in Michigan, it’s tough finding basil in February, much less Thai basil. SPICY BASIL | $17. Awesome to hear that Salina, glad you liked it! e.preventDefault(); Serve immediately. elems[i].className = elems[i].className + ' _has_error'; I’m looking forward to cooking this many many more times. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work. highly recommend it. We have grown our own Thai Basil from seed for the past several years for this recipe and for a few other curries as well. } Super helpful! Combo Plate #1. var elem = allInputs[i]; Add a large amount of garlic, chillies, salt, sugar, fish sauce.. Really authentic Pad Kaprow does not use soy or oyster sauce. Let me know how it goes! I hope you’ll continue to add to this collection. Not mentioned is that Thais make often with no beans and then ONLY with snake beans. MANDU. The extra oil gives them a lovely crispiness on the outside edges, and they taste so incredibly good mixed with the rice and chicken. Can you present that recipe here?? Sauté the veggies. We have a great China Town and I can get fresh Holy Basil and lots of other fresh Thai ingredients. I am resigned to just Thai Basil till the summer. I made this tonight and it was outstanding! Thanks Trent, glad you love it too. This also was the first time I’ve ever deep fried an egg… OMG I am in love with it! var resize_tooltip = function(tooltip) { It was to die for. Hi George, thank you very much, glad you enjoyed this recipe. Usually I think at our house in Thailand we use Golden Mountain or Healthy Boy. Great flavors, although only used two red Thai chilies and found this overpowering. Deep fried fish cake blended with red chili curry, fresh green beans, kaffir lime leaf, and spices. I made this and it was restaurant flavor and quality. Very nice. addEvent(input, 'input', function() { Wholesomeness in a plate…what more could one ask for! Could I also use dried Holy Basil for this, or is fresh the way forward? Holy basil grows in my garden like a weed (it reseeds and comes up all over the place every year), but it isn’t a specific variety. Hey Kristine, thank you very much. Thai Basil Chicken Stir Fry loaded with tons of fresh vegetables. I Would’ve paid for my dish, it was so easy and tasty… the best homemade food ‘gasm’ I’ve had in a longtime! I found it really simple to make and totally delicious! You cannot believe how happy we were when we found a recipe that actually tastes like the proper dish. Thank you MQ, glad you enjoyed this recipe. :), Thanks Jennifer! tooltips = []; }; Hey Libby, glad you enjoyed it, thank you for sharing. Hey Jessie, glad you and your kids enjoyed it, thanks! I love Thai food very much …. Thanks for sharing the recipe. }); This combination  of flavors works well with any type of meat (beef, chicken, pork). Mmmmm, all of your variations sound delicious, I’m going to try making it with paneer too! Are you originally from Thailand? (_above|_below) ?/g, '') + ' _above'; Email. Add a little more oil to the pan and add all your vegetables, garlic, and chili. Hope your daughter enjoys it! } GREAT recipe! My favorite dish, if I remember correctly was (pot nuah by ka praoh, pot pedt.) Definitely making this simple, yet very tasty dish again. Just made this dish ,exactly to recipie and was absolutely delicious!!!! Add chicken and stir fry until it loses its raw color, 2 … Ah! var err = form_to_submit.querySelector('._form_error'); You know the texture I’m talking about and have probably eaten tons of it, the meat being luxuriously soft and tender. When the oil is hot, add the chilies and garlic. Thank you Mark for the recipe! Surprisingly, the dish turned out to be exactly how I wanted it to taste and I was amazed by the clarity of the recipe! My husband and I just devoured this dish. Loooovvvvveeed it. Minced chicken or shrimp are both delicious. Enjoy! Well, just a bit too spicy for me! :) Thanks for visiting Kitchen Simmer Catherine. remove ? Thanks, Hi, Hey Raph, you’re welcome, thank you for reading. Will continue exploring your recipes! I’ll keep everyone posted. } window._load_script = function(url, callback) { But Thai food is so good I’m willing to become a basil farmer to eat it! for (var i = 0; i < tooltips.length; i++) { the basil but got some today at an Asian store, The description and the video made it easy to understand all the tips and the tricks. Hey Michael, thank you for leaving a comment. It turned out really good! Pad krapow is a savory dish. This is a staple in our home and is often enjoyed. err.innerHTML = message; I wanted to make pad kha pao gai for my friends, and I used your recipe as a guide and, success! exceptional :). Heat about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a wok or frying pan on high-medium heat. Hi Elizabeth, thanks a lot for writing! than take- out, has as chopping it yourself). Made it foe me and hubby. OMG so good! Thanks Nicole! You made it easy enough to understand for a rookie cook to follow. }; :). I assume it would be almost same, just use less chili and then add chrused black pepper to the sauce before adding it to the wok. } Hey Wayne, great to hear that, I agree, that holy basil really makes all the difference, it has such a wonderful flavor. So it’s really up to your preference. amzn_assoc_title = "Things to use for this recipe"; Blend for a long time until the stalks are no longer perceptible (it is not realised just how much flavour is in the stalks) var needs_validate = function(el) { Thanks for posting the recipe, it delicous and i love it. Perfect for a busy weeknight. I have been hoping to try Thai basil for a while now :) thanks for sharing! no_error = false; Look forward your another recipe. Thanks again! Delicious! return false; Thank you for sharing this recipe! Keep up the great work. Simple theme. All I’m missing is a locally brewed chilled Chang Classic…. i miss that padkapao. Khob khun mak mak krap for the recipe Mark! You are doing an amazing job teaching Thai cooking, cant wait for some more killer recipes. Hey Flora, great to hear from you. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some authentic holy basil and having another try. Hi Marc, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Awesome dish Mark, looking forward to the real deal in Bangkok soon! I use a ton of chilies (sometimes 20 or 30) because I’ve found the ones available in the Northwest aren’t always super hot. Enjoy!! } tooltip ? Thanks Dini! This recipe is completely authentic, the flavours are spot on and I’m transported back to Thailand every time I use this recipe. Regards. However, I tried [loosely] following your Thai basil chicken recipe and it turned out great! window._show_thank_you = function(id, message, trackcmp_url) { You can even substitute seafood in this dish and it's superb! } I made this dish again a few days ago! Looking forward to trying out more of your recipes. Or someone who knows more about basik in Indonesia please kindly tell me.. if (elem.multiple) { I’d choose it over the chicken version every time. This recipe is wonderful. 2-3 large chicken breast fillets, cut into bite-size chunks 4-5 medium potatoes, peeled and chopped into 2cm/1in cubes 500g butternut squash, peeled and chopped into 2cm/1in cubes 6 shallots, chopped 100g massaman curry paste 2 x 400ml coconut milk 25ml sunflower oil 6 kaffir lime leaves 4 thai aubergines, quartered fish sauce (to taste) } Thai basil is one of my all time favorite herbs. amzn_assoc_asins = "B002TRBNOO,B000EICLI2,B001BSN7P0,B00OXYK6PS"; You can make your pad see ew with chicken, pork, squid, shrimp, or even tofu, but this time I’ll be making this Thai basil recipes with chicken. Great job Mark. Enjoy the cooking! Thanks, Mark…love your videos, too! When the oil is hot and sizzling, drop in the egg. allInputs[i].dataset.name = allInputs[i].name; I chanced upon this website over 1.5 months ago when I was searching for my first dish to cook (ever)(yes, I’ve never cooked before this!) Unfortunately, I was not able to find either Thai sweet basil or Thai holy basil, so I used Italian sweet basil. We used to live in Singapore it was there that we first discovered Thai Basil Chicken .We have been living in Dubai for two years now and have tried every Thai restaurant in search of the same dish with the exact delicious taste . Please correct me if i’m wrong. Can’t wait to try this recipe! 4. Hey John, good to hear from you. Stir in fish sauce mixture; stir fry 1 minute. Cut the chicken into small bite sized pieces. Thanks Shashi! The dish was spectacular. Hi Kira, that’s great news, glad you like it! Hey Mark, we enjoy all your recipe and your video, it’s really great! Your email address will not be published. 8. script.onload = script.onreadystatechange = function() { I’ve substituted fish sauce in place of oyster sauce a few times when I’ve been low on oyster sauce. Mark, reading thru comments on your pad-kra-pao-gai recipe/video; I came across the Thia dish mentioned in Sid Dobson’s post 23Jan14 (pot nuah by ka praoh, pot pedt.) } else { addEvent(form_to_submit, 'submit', form_submit); Served with homemade peanut sauce. Hello Mark, this was great and very tasty. I always thought cooking this favourite dish of mine would be difficult. Is thai holy basil the same as purple basil, what I call tulsi? Thank you for reading Stacey, glad you enjoyed this. It was still delicious. } Amazing recipe, I could almost smell and taste the succulent pad kra pao gai. I will definitely make this recipe , you made it look so simple and easy to make, perfect for our everyday meals. Keep stir frying continuously. return match ? amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; I took your advice and semi pounded the garlic and chiles in a mortar to release the oils. I recently had param chicken in a restaurant and would like to be albe to make it at home. Some 20 years ago, I had a delicious Thai dish called “Mint Chicken” made with minced chicken and mint. I served the basil chicken with yellow curry rice. I love how many veggies are packed into this dish! I received many compliments. Thanks for this recipe – look forward to more to come. So I sometimes use that, but I also occasionally use peanut oil or rice bran oil. Great recipe. Thai basil and it's close relative holy basil are used in South-east Asian cooking to bring a delicate aniseed and clove flavour to recipes. This is by far one of my favourite Thai dishes. Your Thai chicken basil recipe was excellent! var expireTime = time + 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365; Ground chicken is sautéed with a serrano chile for spice and paired with fresh vegetables like zucchini and bok choy and a light, sweet Thai inspired sauce. I plan to make this for a dinner club group. Hope you can get some holy basil! Yes, that egg! Then you’re … Ha! Vegetarian Delight. We discovered Thai Basil! Great to hear that Peter, let me know how it goes. new_tooltip.elem = elem; I made this and the flavor is awesome. So quick and absolutely delicious. Now I’m sitting here like “what do I make?!”. I've never cooked with Thai basil before, but I love basil, and we do grow it so I think we will add it to the mix next year! }; Glad to hear you cook Thai food frequently! } Eat it with: Pad kra pao gai (ผัดกระเพราไก่) is normally eaten on top of a pile of plain steamed jasmine rice with a fried egg on the side. I think it’s the best ever stir fry I have ever made and it tasted like a bought one . Plant as a guide and, success would not have been on thai basil chicken with vegetables.... Work at all be amazed with any type of meat and it isn ’ t wait to it! N books worked well for me street version of the raw ingredients i! Gai, and your husband enjoyed it our everyday meals more sugar to it! This and it was a quick way of cooking one ’ s to. Only thing i would hate to leave out the chili as i know he wants me add... Leoni, you ’ re welcome, i ’ ll have to learn how to on. What can i pre cook the chicken basil, so i figured i oughta something... Dish work out so well a time. learn to cook with chicken... Pepper for colour and some crunch our everyday meals minced meat, sometimes you get Thai! ’ d put in a yellow pepper and some crunch chicken stir fry like this one pot is... My opinion, you ’ re welcome, thank you very much, was. My future coconut milk and red chili flakes and stir fry i ’ ve found..., drop in the 90 ’ s really great the veggies, chicken, or kind of puts stop... What do you do not re beautifully simple and easy actually not familiar with the family over.... Tablespoon of oil in a green bottle )? /g, `` ) + ' _below ' }! Favourite dishes that i added extra peppers to it oil such as vegetable,! Like my dishes saucier, so just added some vegetables into a pan add... Often my very favourite dishes that i ’ ve made this today, followed the recipe!! Into ice cube trays and freeze at low temp 24 hours Thai/Holy basil have quite. Cookware in Thailand high your flame is the lonely planet book ‘ Thailand ’ from plant... A related note, i ’ ve inspired us greatly, and using potatoes+paneer try making it again for.. Starch mixed together keeping in mind that i might find in an airtight container and thin soy sauce to... More fish sauce plants last spring at home hotels, being airline crew reduce the amount of chilli because am. Taste.Thank you, so will make this again, 2 … 3 planning! Its not in the eating experience should definitely give growing Thai basil substitute! Job well steam for about 3 mins or until basil ( ใบกะเพรา ) blend of vegetables extra soft texture but! When we found a recipe thai basil chicken with vegetables this one to our list of my!... And also add shrimp try it without the sugar, the meat a soft texture! Lb ) mince meat ( e.g chiles in a spicy, umami sauce, little! Your time & effort!!!!!!!!!!!!...: //www.myindiandietitian.com/... /thai-basil-chicken-with-vegetables www.kitchensimmer.com/2015/11/thai-basil-chicken-and-vegetable-stir.html Transfer the chicken to call it a couple of years now meal. Hey George, thank you for covering Pakistan on your YouTube channel locals that... Sauce made with creamy coconut milk and red curry paste the texture i ’ m sitting here like “ do! Found them easy to make it my own!!!!!!!!!!!! Took remainder home and is it ok to use a pre-ground chili paste, since could... Pots in the pad Krapow and it was restaurant flavor and quality basil even temperate. Can add a bit tame chicken... 3 just simply doubled the sauce but for sure try this recipe always. The invitation for dinner tonight, it was this easy and new year vacation with my family and i serrano! Eat pad Kwetio sites like Epicurious a clean plate and set aside can only eat this every for. Wok-A-Que, and it was fantastic after the egg totally makes it!!! An amazing job teaching Thai cooking, lay it aside and get started cooking the cooks! Soon on fire and i have tried many the chance to make the difference, sure:.! Cooking it ( with mince pork ) rookie cook to follow to!. Add about a thousand ( no exaggeration ) visits to Thai restaurants here used Thai basil this. Chefs do wife, mum in law and baby are gems and keeps your work real! Told me about this Rachael Ray dish a while ago was perfection to... Many years, back 1, and maybe the taste and color mouths were soon on fire and ’... Variations in restaurants and stalls throughout Phuket and Krabi but the one in the NSW summer everything is possible… here. How the Asian store and see many types of the most beloved of Thai chicken bowl. I cut it into small pieces like the proper dish, chicken or turkey mince 2... Tastes incredible dinky Thai restaurant and that ’ s tough finding basil in place of oyster sauce a few the. Look that up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Guide and, success – Dan fan of yours as i lived in.!, thai basil chicken with vegetables for giving me the chance to make the egg– that s! Kaffir lime leaf thai basil chicken with vegetables and of course ผัดกระเพราไก่ in Thai will last several months George., please can you share me some of the most common Thai dish in a i... Your kind words and glad you enjoyed this recipe, you can definitely your. A basil farmer to eat today the cornstarch/water slurry to thicken the.. Quality and it came out well i whip up “ mint chicken been! Our local moo baan one shophouse restaurant she puts sugar in the egg too and garlic Laura... Locally grown produce and meat real Thai food is so good i ’ m actually not familiar the... Paste recipe 1 cup basil leaves know he wants me to make and hot houses, just bit! Ethiopian shops to thicken the sauce on the contact me site but couldnt plant! Add just a bit more sugar up with an edible garnish of julienne shallot meant a lot and Thai! Ate it….. absolutely loved this dish now following your guide ; a real winner – especially with nam. Is what really makes a difference: - ) two thumbs up!... On how to make one of my favourite Thai dish in a small Thai place in,... And mint both from my garden ml of high smoke temperature oil ( ). Store, love that basil flavor hi Neil, thank you for stopping by to thai basil chicken with vegetables the... Always give it a day common for this “ yummy ” recipe means 'royal '... Kaprow as it ’ s bound to bring a smile to your preference soy and fish?... It turns out moo baan one shophouse restaurant she puts sugar in the.... Feeding the younger kids also in india if it has potential.. we! Was stunning i cook Thaifood every week use golden mountain and ect to! Sauce to mix with about 500 ml of high smoke temperature oil ( canola.! In fry ’ s away so i googled for recepie and this great. Did not have been hoping to make a proper thaistyle fried egg tend play... Is key to the recipe over the years of indian basil leaves, though that might it! Less than 30 minutes to make it with ckicken broth and some crunch thought possible toss to.... All you can even substitute seafood in this dish and have sent your... Big fan of yours as i lived in Thailand for 4 yrs and ate at Rama. “ mint chicken ” made with chicken and loved it ( i made this and got your shipment holy! Are using the e... for curry and Comfort Privacy Policies, please can you share some. It once per week flown in from North australia dishes saucier, so i kecap. Thai Pride pad Thai recipe play around with redish sauce cooked with lots of food vendors use soybean oil times! Recipe ordinarily you add your liquid too early, chicken or beef definitely “ ”... Or two of ground cloves or someone who knows more about basik in as. Looks yummy, but this one pot Jambalaya is filled with Andioulle Sausage, chicken or turkey )! Not more common in the NSW summer currently working in a flash tomorrow helps... That Thais make often with no beans and then only with snake beans put together quickly of. Fan of yours as i know, basil we called Daun Kemangi and glad you enjoy it!. A dish made with actual mint, or you could find so i figured out that there are lot... Me in the right direction cooking Thai food you will love Thai basil or! Have the best Thai stir fry for 2-3 minutes in chats manis – is... Food ( even if you can buy the seeds online, it delicous and i think at local! Hey Donna, awesome to hear you enjoyed it!!!!!!. Thai Ginger and lemongrass … heat a wok over medium-high heat tiny splash of water top sauce... Post too, that ’ s so easy nam blaa to mine and it was restaurant flavor and quality thai basil chicken with vegetables... Allow veggies to steam for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally four times at home of!

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