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best wall anchors for drywall

2) Hollow-wall anchors, on the other hand, will not work in solid materials. There’s a small mark on the flange so you can make sure the toggle points up, maximizing the weight it can hold, but you shouldn’t over-tighten the anchor once it’s seated just to line that up. He emigrated from Canada to California in 2013, and now writes for Your Best Digs full-time. Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10 % Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. We earn a commission when you purchase items through our links. In our shelf test, which creates a tensile load prying the anchor out from the wall, WingIts held strong until the drywall screws holding our test wall to the frame started to fail at 100 pounds. A small high-strength machine screw can still work with a larger bracket hole if you add a fender washer, but an oversize screw won’t go through a small hole unless you get out the drill. The biggest factor in anchor strength for most applications is how well the anchor spreads tensile load (pulling away from the wall) across a wide area of the inside of the drywall sheet. The 10 Best Drywall Anchors 6,409 reviews scanned The 10 Best Anchors 8,172 reviews scanned Product comparison table # Product Name Popularity Score … After compiling a list of all the top recommended anchors, we eliminated basic options that weren’t at least rated to the strength of an easy-to-use self-drilling anchor like the Toggler – SnapSkru. You shouldn’t have to pay more than 25 cents per anchor. Tap-In Expanding Anchors. This is our top pick when it comes to anchors for plaster walls. Once we’ve tested a sufficient number we’ll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Best Anchors For Stucco. Threaded drywall anchor s: Threaded drywall anchors are available in nylon and metal and manage up to 25 pounds of weight. Whether you need to hang a heavy mirror, wall-mount a television, install light fittings, or new shelves, the TOGGLER Snaptoggle Drywall Anchors provide a rock-solid hold for heavy-duty items. They each have a unique way of spreading within the hollow of the wall. Nearly everyone has seen the plastic plug anchors that you often get for free with wall brackets, but spring-toggle anchors like these from Hillman are the next most common. Right now, our top pick is the Ansoon Zinc Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit, 50 Pieces All Together which feature incredible active. If you want all the load-bearing strength you can get, but the one-inch flange on the WingIts anchors is too big, the Toggler – Snap-Toggle BB anchor might be just what you’re looking for. Hammer-in anchors are also an option, though pushing through the drywall backing paper can tear it and make a weak spot. When you move out or decide to move whatever you’re hanging, there are two obstacles to removing this anchor. First, you need to flip the toggle back into line, which is possible with a small piece of wire. We tested the “Gorilla Grade” hooks from the 30 piece Home and Office Pack with weights hanging off the hook instead of trying to pull it away from the wall. Expansion Wall Anchors. When it comes to hanging things from drywall, a simple screw often won’t do it. Let us see some complete packages tools for drywall repairing available in the market. Make sure to read the post till the very end to get a clear idea about all this. I mentioned before that certain scenarios will force you to hang something directly from the drywall ceiling. Best for: Towel racks on plaster, heavy-duty shelving on drywall and plaster, curtain rod supports on drywall and plaster, and wall-mounted mirrors (over 20 pounds) on plaster. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. 39 Cents / each. We didn’t have a full mounted-and-taped wall to test the real maximum strength with, but you’re more likely to break a large chunk out of your wall than to see one of these anchors pop through. The more heavily "ribbed" anchors will give the greatest gripping strength regardless of the wall material. The three basic styles of wedge anchors are fully threaded, partially threaded, and the full-bodied wedge anchor. Drywall Anchor Kit, Self-Drilling Wall Anchors with Screws White Drywall Anchors Hollow-Wall Anchor Assortment Kit (100) 4.0 out of 5 stars 61 $10.99 $ 10 . Drywall Anchor Kit - Drywall and Hollow-Wall Anchor Assortment Kit, Anchors, Screws, Wall Anchor Hooks, and Hollow-Door Toggle Anchor 60pcs (Anchor 30pcs+Screw 30pcs) 4.0 out of 5 stars 172 $8.99 … In this article, we have assembled and reviewed some of the best drywall anchors available right now. But many of us need a way to mount in a specific location without the support of a wooden stud, and few of us can add a brace just for decorating. If you don’t know if your wall is drywall or a regular brick/masonry wall, then ‘Knock’ it with your. Dawn Hammon. We tested with a shelf bracket, loaded so weight will pry the anchor out of the wall. Unfortunately, studs are not always where we need them to be, and for this job, traditional anchors and toggle bolts tv mount are just not up to the task. For now, feel free to continue reading. Then the toggle pulls tight against the inside of the wall as you thread the screw in.Read more…. £11.99 £ 11. in shear weight, allowing you to mount heavier objects on a hollow wall. 6,409 Reviews Scanned ... Plasterboard Wall Plugs and Screws, Drywall Anchor Kit, Self-Drilling Wall Anchors with Screws 9.7 9.2 Not as easy to get support arm pointing vertical as with a push-in anchor, Drywall will probably pull off the wall before this anchor pulls out, Skinny #8-32 size screws are easier to use for some brackets, Recovering anchors means making a one-inch hole, Smallest hole possible for easy repair when you move, Your contractor friends might laugh at you, Pierces drywall without a pre-drilling step, An inexpensive way to hold up a decorative shelf, Hard to install with a manual screwdriver, Like a standard plastic anchor, but more secure, Drill-then-insert install is better for some jobs, Accepts up to a large #14 screw (#12 included), Removing bigger screws may spin this anchor, Reliable performance for lightweight loads, Easy to remove, the anchor just drops away inside the wall, You have to install these with your bracket, shelf or TV mount attached, Install with just a hammer and screwdriver, Over-torque the screw and you could tear out a chunk of drywall, Bright green anchor flange might be too visible for some jobs. If you would prefer to use smaller bolts, the BA size Snap-Toggle uses 3/16-24 bolts and only really gives up some theoretical tensile strength; your drywall is still the weak link. WingIts require a three-quarter-inch hole for mounting, and the flange left on the outside is a full inch. The simplicity of the self-drilling design makes them easy to work with, but they’re just far enough behind the E-Z Ancor – Toggle Anchor that we had to give those top place for a general-purpose anchor. E-Z Ancor Twist-N-Lock 75 lbs. Expansion anchors are the cheapest, most basic type of drywall anchor. Once spread, the anchor cannot be pulled back through the smaller installation hole. More Options Available. They have a point on the end so you can tap them into the drywall. The self-drilling design goes in easily with a screw gun or even a manual screwdriver. As a general rule, hollow walls like drywall and paneling will hold less weight than solid walls like concrete and some plasters using the same anchor. Plastic expans ion anchors: Plastic expansion anchors can only handle up to 15 pounds of weight and aren’t as durable. Made of zinc-plated carbon steel, the largest of these sleeve-type wall anchors will safely hold items up to 50 pounds when installed in 3/4” drywall. Different screw sizes are available, but based on our tests the strength is going to be about the same. You will use a different anchor to hang a 5oz (140g) wind chime than you would use to hang a 10lb (4.5kg) plant. These anchors pierce the drywall (ideally with a sharp hammer blow) rather than boring through, and that makes them a little bit quicker and easier to install than anchors that require pre-drilling. Top Pick . We’re also going to discuss the different types of drywall anchors and which fastener is perfect for your project. It’s important to keep in mind that expansion anchors … If you need a less-expensive anchor that’s only going to hold up a decorative shelf, the Toggler – SnapSkru self-drilling plastic anchors are a good compromise between economy and strength. Once we’ve tested a sufficient number we’ll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Best Anchors For Stucco. There’s a mark so you know which side the anchor leg will pop up on. A few designs are basically permanent, so you need to make a larger hole to remove them. Paulin Papc 1/8S Hollow Wall Anchors 24Pc. Once spread, the anchor cannot be pulled back through the smaller installation hole. Reviewed by . Drywall anchors are like giant coarse threaded screws with a hole in the center. These anchors can be plastic, nylon, or zinc-coated. Best Drywall Anchors for Heavy Shelving, Floating Shelves, and Cabinets For heavy shelving, floating shelves, and cabinets, we always want to hit a stud. Some of the most reviewed hollow & drywall anchors are the E-Z Ancor Twist-N-Lock 75 lbs. Compare. Hole and flange size – If you’ve got the world’s strongest anchor but it leaves an ugly plastic flange sticking out past the edge of your shelf bracket, it’s not much help. Qualihome Drywall and Hollow-Wall Anchor Assortment Kit, Anchors, Screws, Wall Anchor Hooks, and Hollow-Door Toggle Anchor. 03 of 10 Reusable designs – Some anchors will pop out of the wall easily when you remove the screw, but others will require prying or even poking around with wire inside the screw hole to straighten the flip-out anchor so you can pull it out. As you push the screw through the center of the anchor, it pops the toggle out. WingIts MASTER Wall Anchor, 10-32 x 3-1/2, PK6, Model:RC-MAWSD35-6 . The design is similar to an old-fashioned toggle anchor, but the plastic straps position the support perfectly and keep it tight, so there’s less chance of the anchor digging a corner into the paper and weakening the wall. If you don’t have an electric drill, press the tip of a Philips head screwdriver against the wall and twist it back and forth to create a hole. These brands manufacture the drywall anchors perfect for hanging solid objects such as TV, wall arts and paintings. Installation type – If you’re handy with a screw gun, you probably won’t blink at pre-drilling holes, but you can save a lot of time with self-drilling anchors. Right now, our top pick is the XFasten Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit (100 Pieces), Plastic Hollow Wall Anchors with Screws for Wood, Drywall, Masonry which feature incredible active. 99 ($1.10/10 Items) Best Drywall Anchors to Use in a Ceiling What you intend to hang from your ceiling will play a huge role in determining what type of anchor to use. Screw size – If you’ve got a particular bracket you need to bolt to the wall, note the size of the holes and compare your options. A flip-down toggle bar is threaded to accept the included #8 machine screw. Play it safe and stay at half of the weight limit of the anchor, especially if you’re using them to hang valuable items on the wall. 100-Pack Assorted Length Assorted Diameter Standard Drywall Anchor (Screws Included) Item #326639. The legs are flexible, so they also absorb more shock than other fasteners without slipping. Our top pick for the best drywall anchors is the TOGGLER Snaptoggle Drywall Anchor. E-Z Ancor Stud Solver #7 x 1-1/4 in. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. We have compiled a list for you of the 5 best anchors for plaster walls along with a buying guided that we hope will be helpful in helping you make a decision. Flat screen TVs are heavy, and the bracket that holds them must be securely mounted to the wall. Made of a combination of two material components, this anchor offers increased performance in solid and hollow building materials. You will use a different anchor to hang a 5oz (140g) wind chime than you would use to hang a 10lb (4.5kg) plant. The WingIts MASTER Wall Anchor is unique among the other drywall anchors we have reviewed. To hang a picture, just push the sharpened tip through the wall a quarter-inch above where you want your hook. The type of installation will also have a bearing on load capacity. drywall, following the manufacturer’s instructions. To remove a wall anchor, you can either pull it out the way it came in or push it into the drywall cavity. (In that order of priority.). Want to mount a flat-screen TV without worrying that it might fall off? BESTYCHAO 100pcs 2 Sizes Zinc Drywall Anchors Self Drilling Hollow Wall Anchors with Screws Assortment Kit. Best Drywall Anchors to Use in a Ceiling. E-Z Ancor® #8 E-Z Ancor(R) Drywall Anchor in Nylon with Screw - 4 pcs (3) $12 And. ProjectFarm’s channel on YouTube has an admirable dedication to thorough testing of products like these, so we were eager to check well-reviewed products they didn’t test and to verify their results. There’s nothing between what you’re hanging and the wall surface, either, unless you add a washer. The manufacturer suggests this makes them good to use after you’ve tried other anchors and had a small blow-out, but our experience was that it mainly just took slightly longer to ream out a 3/4″ hole — many basic drill kits don’t have bigger than a 3/8″ bit. I have been facing an insane amount of difficulty with drywall anchors. Take a look at our findings below and choose the best drywall anchors for your do-it-yourself home projects. If you can’t find the Sharkie, the Toggler – Alligator is basically identical. © 2021 Your Best Digs - All rights reserved. The Monkey Hook has this problem licked: The hook is even easier to install than a nail, and it’s much more secure. 51 Cents / each. The genius of this anchor is the way it clamps itself to the wall. If you prefer to pre-drill a hole rather than using a self-drilling anchor, but you don’t need something as complicated as the WingIts or Snap-Toggle anchors, the Hillman – Sharkie is a good pick. Wall & Floor Anchors Wall & Floor Anchors 585 results for Wall & Floor Anchors. The anchor we tested takes a #8 screw and needs a half-inch hole; it failed after only 50 pounds of shelf load when the anchor cut through the inner drywall paper.Read more…. Read full article Top Pick. Phillips Zinc-Plated Alloy Flat-Head Anchors with Screws (20-Pack) with 249 reviews. We found eight of the strongest and most innovative products that will help you install your decor and even moderately-heavy shelves on standard drywall without a wooden or metal stud for support. Paulin 8-12X1-1/4 Plastic Anchor - 12 pcs (1) $2 And. Leanking is the Most Durable Best Drywall Anchors that easily spread to establish a tight bond with the wall and hold lightweight items.. Comes in 4 colors and 10 sizes, Useful household sizes to meet almost useful repair needs ProjectFarm on YouTube showed these anchors holding almost double their rated shear-force strength, and we’re glad we tried them. 2020 popular Wall Anchors for Drywall trends in Home Improvement, Tools with Wall Anchors for Drywall and Wall Anchors for Drywall. In hollow walls these are driven into a pre-drilled hole and crimped by turning the included screw. If you need maximum strength, the Wing-Its – Master Anchor will hold fast until you pull your wall apart, and Monkey Hooks are great for decorating. We've compiled a list of the Best Drywall Anchors For Shelves of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Drywall Anchors For Shelves Reviews on, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit, Consumer Reports... You will know What is the best Drywall Anchors For Shelves on the market, What is the Best Affordable, Best Inexpensive, Best Cheap Brands to Buy. But if you can only get one or two screws into a stud, and there’s no way to add a piece of wood to span the studs you have access to, then these are the anchors we would trust with the heaviest weight.Read more…. These easy-to-use fasteners are best for light loads (less than 10 pounds). We looked for recommendations from handyman blogs, forums, and publications like This Old House to narrow down what we were expecting from anchors we found. With a screw-in anchor, you risk breaking the edges of your hole if you need another half-turn so the arrow points up. Learn the function and strength of different drywall anchors. Some anchors also require making holes in your wall as big as 3/4″. Screw-it SIAK. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. Next, use a putty knife and spackling or drywall joint compound to fill over it, anchor and all. Often the drywall is the limiting factor with regards to anchor pullout or failure. Best Wall Anchors – Updated by Burbro Editors on When you’re hanging items on your walls, it can Best Wall Anchors 2020 – Our Picks + Buying Guide | Burbro In this article, we review the best wall anchors for 2020, including our top picks and a buying guide to help get you started. The 10 Best Drywall Anchors Posted on Author admin Comments Off on The 10 Best Drywall Anchors And while we’ve written about best anchors — including the best toggle anchors , the best drop-in anchors , the best anchor bolts — here we’ve rounded up the best drywall anchors, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers. This mechanism is often used specifically for mounting lightweight decorative items overhead, things like ceiling lights. 99. Top 9 Best Drywall Anchors in 2020 1. Medium Duty Drywall Anchors (50-Pack) (485) Model# 25310 $ 12 20. 10 Best Drywall Anchors January 2021 Results are Based on. Plastic expansion anchors are the most commonly used anchor type. Self-drilling anchors like our top pick can technically go in with just a manual screwdriver, but if you had to put in a dozen anchors without a drill the hammer would save your wrists.Read more…. You shouldn’t have to pay more than 25 cents per anchor. We spend 74 hours on researching and comparing 37 of popular models to determine the Best Best Anchors For Stucco 2020 you can buy. 4 Premium Quality Self-Drilling Drywall Zinc Anchors with Screws Kit (best screws for drywall) ... 5 JUIDINTO Zinc Drywall Anchors with Screws Self Drilling Hollow Wall Anchors M4.2 Tapping Screws (best screws for stud wall) The JUIDINTO Zinc Drywall Anchors with Screws are loaded 60 zinc anchors with 60 Phillips screws, one storage case. The 10 Best Drywall Anchors 6,409 reviews scanned The 10 Best Anchors ... Plasterboard Wall Plugs and Screws, Drywall Anchor Kit, Self-Drilling Wall Anchors with Screws 7.9 7.4 Be sure anchors are installed correctly and firmly for full benefit. What are some of the most reviewed hollow & drywall anchors? For the simplest installation that still has good strength, it’s hard to beat the E-Z Ancor – 25220 Drywall Toggle Anchor. For even more load-bearing capacity, the WingIts – Master Anchor uses a set of three plastic legs to spread force evenly over a wide area. and a drill bit, Sturdy plastic case has two storage compartments, Requires a pre-drilled hole for installation, Screws may be a little larger than the anchors, Ideal for medium to heavy-duty anchoring applications, Ideal for 3/8, 1/2 or 5/8-inch gypsum wallboard, Drills directly into drywall even if you hit a wood stud, May not provide strong anchoring for 50 lbs items in older drywall, Pre-drilling may be required for thick drywall, Can be hard to remove the anchors after installation, Ideal for all types of mounting applications around the home or office, Perfect for artwork, a mirror, television mount, curtain rods, or shelves, Designed to accommodate weight from 30 to 90 lbs, Can be installed with a hammer, Phillips head screwdriver, or cordless screwdriver. Watch the correct installation and expansion of each. But a small nail isn’t very secure against earthquakes, and they start to slide in or wiggle after you remove a painting or clock and put it back a few times. All of our reviews are unsponsored, so we earn money by using affiliate links. We installed each anchor in one-half in. T.K.Excellent Zinc Plated Heavy Duty Metal PLASTERBOARD Cavity Wall FIXINGS Anchors Plugs Kit 68 Pieces. Anchors will sometimes list the holding strength maximum on the packaging, but if not, it’s best to play it safe and go with a stronger anchor (like the ones discussed below) if you’re unsure. We have solid concrete, concrete block and drywall walls. Anchors are rated to hold a specified amount of weight. When multiple vendors made the same product, we picked the option with better reviews, a better price or better availability. We bought anchors from Hillman because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find, but almost any toggle bolt will do the same job. If you over-torque the included screws directly into the anchor, the support wings can begin to twist and tear out a chunk of drywall, so be careful when tightening things up. At that point Your anchor is ready to receive one of the included 1/4-20 machine screws, which tighten the toggle securely against the back of the wall as you mount your shelf or television.Read more…. For hanging decor items to brighten up a blank wall, a drywall anchor is definitely overkill. In addition to the original size and Gorilla Grade hooks, this package also has ten hooks that sit closer to the wall for tricky items that need to be as flush as possible. are the next most common. You can also carry this kit while going for family trips and picnics. These anchors can be made of zinc-coated metal, nylon, or plastic, and are ideal for light-duty mounting (20 or 30 lbs.) This same drywall can only support a 40 pound load per anchor. To use dry wall anchors, start by drilling a hole into the wall you're installing the anchors in at a 90-degree angle. The E-Z Ancor – Toggle Anchor is the best drywall anchor for most jobs, with easy self-drilling installation and enough support for moderately heavy loads. We spend 74 hours on researching and comparing 37 of popular models to determine the Best Best Anchors For Stucco 2020 you can buy. We do extensive research and hands-on testing, so you can trust the products we recommend. Threaded anchors, (also called self-drilling anchors and E-Z anchors) are the absolute easiest choice and one of the most effective. The WallClaw’s hammer-in anchor is one of the most unique solutions we’ve seen, and it would be useful to have one in certain situations where you don’t have access to a powered drill or screw gun. Just because these anchors perform well in brand-new drywall under lab conditions doesn’t mean you should trust them completely in a random piece of old and potentially-damaged drywall in your house, but if you need an anchor that performs as well as possible, this is the one to beat. drywall, following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you need to remove these anchors, punching them through the wall or trying to cut the plastic support off and dropping the metal toggle inside the wall is really your only choice. We will be continually updating this page as we launch new reviews. If your walls are drywall, the best approch is to tap the anchor gently a few times with a crown head hammer to form a dent in the wall a 1/16″ or so deep. Never exceed the rating. Be careful not to hit it hard enough to cause the paper on the drywall to break. ARROW 160455 Drywall Drill Bit, Screw and Anchor Kit. If you used winged anchors, then this might be really tricky to do as the wings are gripping the back of the drywall. Disclosure. 10 Best Air Purifier Reviews: Enjoy Fresh Breathable Air In Your Home, 8 Best Tactical Knife Reviews: Protect Yourself With A Tough Knife, 8 Best Hoof Pick Reviews: Keep Your Animals’ Hooves Healthy and Happy, 6 Best Garage Heater Reviews: The Most Economic and Warm Heaters, 8 Best Coffee Percolator – Reviews and Buying Guide, 6 Best Zero-Turn Mowers Comparison – Reviews & Buying Guide, 7 Best Roach Killer Reviews: Powerful Sprays, Baits, Traps, and Powders, 8 Best Tactical Pen Reviews: Smart Self Defense and Emergency Tools, 7 Best Heat Lamp Reviews: Create a Cozy Habitat for Baby Animals, 9 Best Desk Lamp Reviews: Stylish Eye-friendly Lighting Gadgets, 8 Best Impact Wrench Reviews: High Powered Automotive and DIY Repair Tools, Best Lawn Fertilizer for Grass – Buying Guide and Recommendation, 6 Best Rotary Hammer Drill: Review & Comparison Guide, 8 Best Seed Warming Mat to Start Your Seeds Early, 5 Best Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier Reviews, 10 Best Car Wash Soap to Make Your Car Shiny, 10 Best Cooler Bag Reviews: Adventure-ready Cold Storage Solutions, 7 Best Chainsaw Reviews for Home Use and Professionals, 8 Best & Brightest Solar Lights for Garden & Outdoor: Product Reviews, 6 Best Pocket Knife Reviews: The Latest on Super Sharp Pocket Knives, 10 Best Charcoal Grill Reviews: Create Authentic Char-Grilled Meals, 9 Best Water Filter Reviews: How to Enjoy Clean Filtered Water at Home, Durable polypropylene resists corrosion when used with stainless-steel screws, Ultimate tensile strength of 97 lbs in 3/8-inch thick drywall and 143 lbs in ½-inch thick drywall, Can be used with a wide range of material, Functions as a wedge anchor in thicker walls, Can be used as an expansion anchor in solid walls and with wooden studs, The screw can be removed without loss of holding power, Meets Federal Specification FF-B-588-D for Type IV anchors for a safe working load, Pack includes anchors, screws, and a setting key, Ultimate tensile strength of 265 lbs in ½-inch drywall and 1080 lbs in a concrete block, Longer and stronger ultra-durable plastic straps, 7x more corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel channel, Anchor can be affixed to the wall before adding the bolt and fixture, Plastic cap and metal channel prevents abrasion, Super strong and heavy-duty zinc-plated steel, Spring wings disperse the weight over a large area, Provides a firm and safe hold in hollow walls, Can be easily installed with a Phillips head screwdriver, A pre-drilled hole is required for installation, Perfect for beginner DIY’ers and backup emergency anchors, Contains anchors, screws and two drill bits, Deep thread design provides strong engagement, Creates a precise hole in all types of drywall, Easy to screw in manually with a Phillips head screwdriver, Ideal for 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8-inch thick drywall, Large 100 piece kit contains anchors and screws, Smaller anchors are not as easy to screw into the wall, Small anchors can break if used with a power drill, Ideal for light-duty anchoring and extra support for heavy items, Ribs prevent the anchor from turning in the hole during installation, Splits ensure a three-way expansion for increased holding power, Large kits contain anchors, screws. None of our reviews are sponsored. The load capacities for the wall anchors in these charts are approximate. It can also hold the weight of heavy items such as TV and speakers. We've compiled a list of the Best Drywall Anchors For Shelves of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Drywall Anchors For Shelves Reviews on, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit, Consumer Reports... You will know What is the best Drywall Anchors For Shelves on the market, What is the Best Affordable, Best Inexpensive, Best Cheap Brands to Buy. If you’re pulling it out, use needle-nose pliers. Best Seller. You will find the following hollow wall anchors in the market ranked according to their strength (starting from the least strong). You zip a small plastic flange into place — almost like tightening a zip-tie — and snap off the extra length of the straps. T hreaded drywall toggles: These can handle up to 40 pounds of weight but are a little tricky to install; Winged Plastic anchors: Winged Plastic anchors can manage up to 35 pounds of weight but need to be installed a specific way

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