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Got Trout?

Okay so this lake, Diamond Lake, is gorgeous, and I hear that it was stocked with 500,000 trout not too long ago, and I can definitely see Tons of Fish! on our fishfinder, but we've fished for two whole days and haven't caught squat. Oh, and the mosquitos are CRAZY here. WTF?…

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Our Other RV

Today we flew our other recreational vehicle, a Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo (it's silver too!!), to Sunriver for some walkin' around and some lunch on the Deschutes River. It was lovely. I snapped this just before we were leaving PDX. (Posted by Laura)

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Aluminum at Etsy

I was browsing aluminum over at Etsy and found a few things I thought I'd share: Vintage Mid Century Wards Western Field Ice Chest ($65): Set of 6 cone-shaped aluminum containers ($13). These are just begging for a custom rack and some polishing: This vintage aluminum cake carrier ($24) would be such a…

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